Vitamin D

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All the energy that sustains human life initially comes from the sun—the ultimate source of energy.

the sun

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I focus on providing Vitamin D Equity Solutions (VitaDES). The need for VitaDES grows out of the fact that within the US some population groups are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency than others are. These groups include populations with dark skin, such as African Americans. The high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency within African Americans is a political as well a nutritional issue. Dr. Robert P. Heaney describes vitamin D deficiency as the final cruel cut of the enslavement of Africans. This means that it attracts my attention both as a nutrition educator and as a sociologist. While still taking classes at Hawthorn, I provided lectures on vitamin D deficiency in the African American community to several community organizations and to classes at VCU.   Because Black breastfed infants are at such high risk for vitamin D deficiency, I selected vitamin D needs during pregnancy, lactation, and early infancy as my Hawthorn thesis topic. I have presented on the topic to the Richmond Health Action Alliance Healthy Community Action Team (RHAA-HCAT) and the Virginia Breastfeeding Taskforce. I have also made the information from these presentations available to a wider audience through the Hawthorn University Webinar Series.

Introduction to Vitamin D during Pregnancy, Lactation & Early Infancy

  The Second Annual Symposium on the Urban Child sponsored by the Center for the Study of the Urban Child at Virginia Union University provided the opportunity for me to move my focus from infancy to childhood. My presentation at the symposium was Meeting the Vitamin D Needs of the Urban Child: What’s Skin Color Got to do With It?


I also provide information about UV protection and the need for vitamin D supplementation to participants in several online lupus support forums. A brochure on what people with lupus should know about vitamin D is currently under construction.


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