A Tool Report – Camtasia


Screen Recording and Screencasting Tool

Who Makes It?

TechSmith – http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.htm

What Is It?

Camtasia is screen-recording software that allows the recording of the actions that are taking place on a computer screen.

Camtasia also allows you to add video, images, and even sound from other sources to the recording.

The recording can then be “produced” as a video that will play in any browser.

Short topical screen recordings are “screencasts.”

How Much Does it Cost?

Camtasia can be downloaded for $299. Adding a boxed copy only increases the price by shipping and handling. Educational pricing is available and so are packages that bundle Camtasia with other TechSmith products.

Who’s doing it?

“Screencasts have become a regular fixture in distance education programs because they provide a sense of engagement between faculty and students without compromising the ability to access learning materials online whenever and wherever it is convenient.”

Why is it significant?

Screencasts provide students with lessons they can watch at their convenience and as often as they want.

What are the downsides?

A general criticism of screencasting is that it is not interactive.

Camtasia does have the ability to create mini flash quizzes that provide feedback to students.

Where is it going?

In the past, e-learning environments have been text-based, favoring those with preferences or needs for learning through reading and writing.

Screencasting provides the means for communicating with those who need and/or prefer to learn visually and aurally.

What are the implications for higher education?

Screencasts provide a simple means to extend rich course content to distance students, students with disabilities (who might have restricted access to certain class sessions or presentations), and anyone else who might benefit from the material but cannot attend a presentation. The technology also offers a simple means of providing a fixed presentation, one that shows the same material in a consistent, repeatable form.

Reference – 7 Things You Should Know About Screen Casting – From Educase

Tutorials and Guides

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