Obtaining Books: Some Notes

In recent posts, I have annotated my reading lists. Doing this helps prevent me from starting the same book again, accidently. I have provided links to most of these books on amazon. If enough people click on these links and use them to purchase books, Amazon may pay me a small commission (which does not increase the price of the product but which may help me defray some of the costs associated with my habit of sharing what I have read and what I have learned in these posts). However, I never want anyone to allow the price of books to keep them from reading.

I have never been able to afford my book habit. Since I retired and downsized, I no longer collect physical books. I have, in fact “rehomed” thousands of volumes. When I purchase books, I select electronic formats. Unfortunately, not all works are available electronically. Nor can I afford to buy every book that I want to read.

I borrow many books. For this project I used my local public library, especially the Hoopla app  and the Overdrive app which provides books in Kindle format, including Libby. My Kindle Unlimited Subscription definitely proved its worth.

Last, but certainly not least, I used my continued access to the services of the Virginia Commonwealth University Library. I read ebooks. I even went on a pilgrimage to the search through the stacks.

Sitting on the on the Fall Line bench  and meeting the artist who designed it was one of the highlights of my year.The experience was worth the severe allergic reaction that I got from opening old books near my nose. My next trip to the stacks will involve gloves and masks.



I am planning my next expedition to VCU Libraries in order to take advantage of “interlibrary loan” to obtain access to some books that are not in the collection. Even my local library provides some interlibrary loan options.

VCU Libraries has options for various types of “guest access.” If you live near a state supported institution of higher education, you may want to check out what you can do as a guest.

Love a Library.


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