Need Nutrients? Try Bone Broths!

I first posted this blog 11-12-2013. I have reposted it here because bone broths are alsoimportant sources of nutrients and great taste in that Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).


Earlier today a friend asked me for my chicken stock recipe. I had to confess that the recipe did not belong to me but to Sally Fallon. Fallon shares her recipes for chicken, beef, and fish stock on the in the cookbook that she wrote with Mary Enig (Nourishing Tradiions: the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats).

Fallon takes a position on almost every controversy that we consider when comparing the health benefits of dietary styles. She definitely believes that traditional animal broths and stocks provide a basis for both tasteful cuisine and good health.

Because Fallon challenges conventional nutritional knowledge so strongly, and provides so many instructions for creating health enhancing traditional foods, there are many websites and blogs that discuss her viewpoints and her recipes. My favorite site is the Nourishing Cook. The creator of this site, Kim Knoch, has set as her goal to cook every recipe in Nourishing Traditions. as her goal. I enjoy reading about her successes and her failures, as well as to how her family responds to each attempt. But what brought Kim to my mind today is her reason for being so committed to nutrient dense foods.

Nutrient-dense eating is personally important to me because I need all of the nutrients that I can get. I had weight loss surgery in 2001 and lost 200 pounds, and as a result of that became severely anemic and had a shortage of other vitamins and minerals in my blood. ‘Nourishing Traditions‘ got my eating back on track. I made sure that everything that I put in my mouth was the best quality that it could be. It worked, and my anemia has been corrected and my vitamin/mineral levels are normal, partly due to the methods that I talk about in this blog.

Like Kim my friend has had weight loss surgery and is anemic and dealing with other nutritional deficits. My friend also has lupus.  She needs all of the health enhancing nutrients that she can get. Like Kim my friend must cook for a husband as well as for herself. I think that she will enjoy reading about how Kim fits meal planning into a life that includes a husband, two teenagers, a full time job, and even playing in an orc tohestra, while keeping stress at a level that is manageable.

Bone broths are the starting points for many nutritious and delicious recipes. And because they are easy to cook they are a great place to start when considering the benefits of a traditional dietary lifestyle.

People with autoimmune conditions also need all of the nutrients that they can get. Bone broth is both highly nutritious and tasty.

Broth is Beautiful

In 2013 I was still living in my house and had lots of freezer space. I only made bone broth several times a year. Now that I have downsized, I make it more often and  in smaller quantities. I have been trying slow cooker recipes. I do not yet have a favorite. Do you have a favorite bone broth recipe for slow cookers? If so, please share.




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