The Diagnosis is In

I have a cyst on my spine. Surgery to remove it planned for next month. I hope that the surgery will reduce my pain and my neurological deficits.

The cyst is probably associated with the spondylolosthesis ( discussed in previous blogs.

There are some thoughts specific to me. I have decided to take a risk as a patient. My surgeon is leaving town the next day. I am trusting his partners to care for me during the initial recovery period. This decision is also based on my past surgical experiences: so far, so good.

I am also prepared for the idea that there will be a fusion surgery in my future. I hope that once they are inside my back next month, they don’t decide that the more a complex surgery is required immediately. Recovery from fusion requires some planning.

As a health educator I wonder how wide spread these issues are among my kin. My back woes started at birth. I am not the only member of my kin group born with the spinal defects that have become more painful and debilitating as I age. I wonder how many younger kin were born with the same defects and how they are being helped to avoid the most negative consequences. It is time to talk about better spine health for future generations.




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