LUPANGEEZER falls and breaks brain again

My last bed included a box spring, an extra deep coil mattress with a pillow top, a 3 inch memory foam topper, and an extra inch or two from the topper cover. The bed was so high that I used a stool to climb up into it. There was a higher stoool for little giirls (at one point 5&6 thought of getting in and out of Grandma’s bed as a sport). Getting out of the bed was much easier and that was the point.

The arthritis on the right side of my body, including the sacroiliac and hip joints, is more advanced than on the left side. I have spent more than a decade trying to sleep on my back or my left side. However, once I fall asleep I end up on my right side. The pain of sleeping on my right side usually wakes me. I either adjust my position or get out of bed.

For years I have joked that older people get up so early in the morning because staying in bed is too painful. Heck that is why I am up so early today. I spent hours researching mattresses before I settled on latex. There will be no more motion transfer and no more feeling as though I am trapped in quicksand. I did make one big mistake. This firm is too firm. I am not sending it back. I am gonna order a softer latex topper.

But for now back to the night that my old bedding betrayed me. On the night in question my brain received a pain signal so strong that it responded with an order that I should turn over immediately and forcefully. It did not tell me to wake up, to think about my position in the bed, and to make my usual slow careful adjustments. The memory foam felt as though it were encasing my body and emphasized the need to move with power.

Because I was so close to the edge, I literally threw myself out of the bed. Because I was still asleep, the start of the fall felt as though​ it were taking place in a dream. There is no danger in a dream fall. I went with it. I did not wake up until the left side of my face and head made contact with the night stand. “Bam! This is not a dream.” Then the rest of my body twisted and hit the floor. The subfloor is concrete.

I pulled myself up and went into the bathroom. I did not see any blood and decided to spend the rest of the night in my recliner. The next day, I could see the swelling and bruising on the side of my face and head. I did not go to the emergency room immediately because I really dislike them. Feel free to think me stupid and to laugh. I am doing both. Just remember that an injured doesn’t work as well as it does when it is uninjured.

When you Bang your Brain you experience cognitive impairment. I did this in 2015. I remember part  a of the drill, including how much I hated concussion therapy. That is too much thinking for an injured brain. It is ready for a nap. But there is way too much sunlight in this bedroom. That may be contributing to the lupus flare. Gotta get some black out curtains up there.

To be continued ……


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