01 Vitamin D Winter: A Reminder

In order to reach my age with strong bones it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of vitamin D earlier in life.  In the Richmond metro area and in locales north of Richmond,  it is necessary to remember that the “vitamin D winter” starts in the fall.


Watch “VDWINTERSC1” on YouTube


In this short presentation several scientific concepts are mentioned: season, latitude, ultraviolet,  and vitamin. I found myself wondering at what grade levels should children be able to join in discussions of these concepts. I approached this question by looking at the 2010 Science SOLS.  I am building a table to illustrates which Science SOLS address each concept. I will post the table when it is complete. The concept of vitamin is not addressed in the SOLS. Latitude  and ultraviolet appear to only become important in high school science courses. However, students are expected to develop and understand the concept of seasons over the elementary school years, starting in grade one.



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