The Alternative Hypotheses – Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

My first attempt to test the new hypothesis involved increasing the dosage of the anticonvulsive medication gabapentin – There was no change in the pain level. This means seriously considering the alternative hypothesis of hip arthritis –
In fact, the last words that my pain management specialist said to me were, “You know you have osteoarthritis.” I also know that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
Confronting osteoarthritis of the hip means dealing with my orthopedic surgeon. He will ask me, “Ann have you considered exercise?” He won’t have time to consider the fact that I was exercising when this cascade of events started. He does not show respect for exercise done in water. I, on the other hand, hit my physical limits by taking two intensive deep water classes back to back.
Over the past six months I have completed two courses of physical therapy. I have progressed from a right leg that was collapsing to a person who can stand on both feet, even if painfully. No amount of physical effort on my part will be considered sufficient by this physician.

He will also throw a several rapid fat shaming jabs and make other comments that land like body blows. Even though I don’t appreciate his insensitive comments, I promise not to take them personally this time. I definitely appreciate him when I am unconscious. He is an excellent surgeon. I am very pleased with the outcomes of the knee replacement surgeries that he performed in 2001 and 2003. If my hip joint must be replaced, I want him to do it.

I am playing phone tag with his office. I was offered an appointment on Thursday but I could not accept that one. In my world, neurological specialist get the first crack at me, then the orthopedist.
It may not be one explanation or the other. It may be both/and.
This is going to be a very educational ride.


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