Playing Hookie


I should be at the pool getting ready for my second class. But today my aching muscles, tendons, and joints won over my will. Going to the pool requires a lot of gear. The daily load is much heavier than my five pound lift limit. Since I stopped taking the hydrocodone, I take my lift limit much more seriously.  The bag is even heavier on the way back home because then it is holding a wet three piece swimming suit and several very damp towels along with the rest of my gear.

To ignore the lift limit is ask for lumbar and sacral agony. Therefore, I negotiate with my lift limitation by reducing how many times I lift the bag and never carry it. My rolling walker carries the bag for me. Leaving home, I lift them one at a time into the car. I perform the same lift arriving at the pool, leaving the pool, and then again when I return home.



Today, I could not even get the bag packed. Getting it in and out of the car was not possible. So I made a deal with myself. I will do housework for my exercise today. It’s a fair deal. There is a lot of housework that needs to be done and I do not enjoy doing it.

The first thing on my work list is to finish packing the bag so that it is ready Monday morning. My exercise mat is still in the middle of the living room floor, so I will still get some “exercise”. I will do a set for my lower back, a set for my hip flexors. My right adductor especially the tendon needs some special attention. My left tensor fasciae latae and iliotibial band are demanding massage ball time.

So even though I am playing Hookie from the pool, I am still working toward my goal

PS: I did go to the storage room and bring out a few thibgs that I want to keep. I was careful to keep the loads under five pounds. I also stopped at Food Lion for some frozen field peas. I cannot think about the US Food System without thinking about how only one store chain in the metro area sell these staples from my early childhood.  When I was a very small child, I thought the song said, “let there be peas on earth.”  So as we approach the winter solstice, I wish you peas.





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