The Lupangeezer Plan – Week 1


The day that I “caught a cramp” in my deepwater aerobics class my instructor looked at me and said “hip flexors.” He was surprised that I was able to return to class activities quickly. It was just one of the left adductors and I was able to stretch out of the spasm in a few minutes.
Two days later, I did something carelessly that was pretty stupid. I put on the combat boots my son bought for me at my request and took out the trash wearing them. I ignored the fact that the right boot had been altered. The right boot had an extra 1/4 inch to compensate for a functional leg length discrepancy that no longer exists. The outcome of a few minutes in those boots was to create a leg length discrepancy that shifted all of the painful symptoms to the other side of my body. Now my left side has some empathy for how the right has side felt for more than 20 years.

I do not think that it will take 20 years to get the left side back in hand. As I mentioned to my aerobics intructor, I know my hip flexors by their firsr names. The muscle responsible for causing so much pain is the psoas. I know the muscle by its name and have already managed to soothe it, somewhat. Unfortunately, soothing my psoas made my quadratus lumborum (QL) unhappy. I have a lot of work to do and I know where to seek help.
This pool schedule changes  each day, so I will need to be both disciplined and flexible .

Weekly Pool Schedule 2015_11_09 V2

In addition to working my PT program in the instructional pool, I also plan to take two land classes, Yoga Stretch and Classic Chair, when they do not conflict with other things on my schedule. The class schedule stays the same for the entire month of Vovember


November Class Schedule 2015

The classes and my PT routine should have me back in the deep water soon.


Week 1 Day 1 Update Monday 9

So cold and rainy that I could barely get out of bed. I have to plan how to survive this apartment in the winter.





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  1. These were exactly my thoughts yesterday as I went out into the first snow of the season. Next goal- figure out how to move out of the snow, or at least get out for a few months. I am so much sicker in the winter, I have almost hibernated for 7 months a year, but now that I’m alone and have to get out to care for myself, I have to find ways to make the pain lessen.

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