Sociology of Nutrition Spring 2016 – Physical/Technical Assignments


You will complete 10 Physical/Technical Assignments (PT). One set of these assignments focuses on using the databases and the bibliographic management system supplied through VCU Libraries. While these tools are important to all graduate students, they are essential to those who are completing all of their courses online. I do not assume that first year graduate students are familiar with these tools. I do not assume that all students prefer using these tools. However, I do require that all participants in this course demonstrate skill in using them.

The second second set of PT assignments increases your ability to speak and to present online. Your blogs and your responses to your classmates’ blogs demonstrate your ability to present your thoughts in writing. Your screencast assignments allow you to demonstrate your increasing ability to present your thoughts through online audiovisual presentations. I want to know how well you write and I want to know how well you speak.


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