Blogs (25% of final grade)

You will write 10 graded blogs (B1-B10). These blogs will be your formal writing assignments for the semester. In most cases, the blog prompts will be selected from the list of questions at the end of a book chapter. You can think of these blogs as “mini sociology papers” from 750-1000 words. In these blogs you will demonstrate your ability to remember and understand the reading assignments, as well as your higher order thinking skills.

In this case “formal” also means that your blogs will include both “in-text” citations and a “References Cited” list. The preferred style is APA. One of my favorite guides to APA is the Perdue OWL ( Help is also available directly from APA (

Blog Discussions (25% of final grade)

In the week following a blog posting, it will be discussed (BD1-BD10). You must write substantive comments about the blog of another participants and you must write a reflection on your own blog.
One way of writing substantively about your classmates blogs is to compare and contrast your responses to the prompt. Talk with each other about differences as well as similarities. Would you like for other participants to provide additional information about their responses. Are any of the differences the result of diversity in conceptual or theoretical perspectives? If so, do you or any of the other seminar participants disagree with the author? If so, explain the basis of the disagreement. Is the disagreement related to conceptual and/or theoretical differences? Have important social changes occurred since the book was published?

In reflecting on your on your own blog, you may amend or extend any part of your response.

Would you be interested in spending additional time studying the concepts and theoretical approaches discussed here?

Are any of the other concepts from this week’s reading of interest to you? Do they clarify earlier reading? Are they important to the project you are planning? Do you think they are important to the projects other seminar participants are planning?


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