And Then I Blew Up the Kitchen


The Two Year Old

Where I come from they say that bad things come in threes. I did not have that saying in mind as my recovery from eye surgery progressed much more slowly than the surgeon predicted. I have learned to anticipate surgical optimism. Even when an epidural steroid injection knocked me out for a day I was still hopeful about my potential for meaningful group collaboration.  Then I blew up the kitchen.

The smoke alarm provided by ADT is very loud and disorienting. I managed to change the setting on the whole house fan and to open the front and back doors but I could not find the house phone. I heard the wail of the approaching fire engine and my next door neighbor calling out “Miss Ann, Miss Ann” at the same time. I wanted to run through the house and gather precious stuff but good sense prevailed and I simply picked up my purse and stepped out onto the porch. Note to Self -Keeping purse by door – GREAT JOB.

It was hours before I thought about my homework and my group again and when I did I felt pretty hopeless. Then I opened the purse and spotted the “Smartphone.”

It is only a few weeks old. The purchase was not motivated by a desire to be a better student or teacher. It was a capitulation to the communication styles of my children and grandchildren.  A grandmother who does not text is out of the loop. I pulled out the phone and emailed my group.

Once the device was in my hands I decided to try Google docs. Life will never be the same again. I need a new prescription for corrective lenses. I need better control over this one finger (I will never be a thumb typist). But even with one eye, and it in need of correction, I can see the potential.  It will be a few days before my house is habitable again. That gives me some time to see how smart this phone really is.

The WordPress app is next. If I can post my reflection using only this device then this week will have been characterized by a huge learning arc.


And it will be even more important with the next batch of grandchildren.  As the 18 year old gave the Farewell Address for the class of 2014, her two year old cousin demanded the iPhone to play a game and her eight year old brother worked on his selfie skills.


7 thoughts on “And Then I Blew Up the Kitchen

  1. I hope you learn soon which gods you’ve angered so you can do the apologies… 😉
    So glad all is well, considering. And that you find this work to be engaging enough to continue, in spite of the several episodes that have disrupted your life these last few months.

    Our grandchildren are great motivators for staying connected to the world as it changes. We’ll help each other do that.

    Take care, and keep us posted.

  2. Ann . . . hope this message finds you well and fully recovered from your adventure in the kitchen. Yes, the smartphone is a reliable backup. I liked the way you integrated the photos into the narrative.

  3. Ann . . . I hope tis message finds you well and fully recovered from your adventure in the kitchen. Yes, a smartphone is a reliable backup. I liked the way you integrated the photographs into the narrative.

  4. While I was taking these pictures of my younger grandchildren interacting with mobile devices at a high school graduation, I was still thinking about OCDI. The grandchildren who are in high school started using Blackboard in middle school. The one who is leaving for college has never been allowed to have a Facebook account. I cannot imagine her parents accepting her participation in an open web course.

  5. I just reread what my group wrote. I quite like it. I love having the opportunity to step away and come back to something with fresh eyes before revising and rewriting. I have stopped playing the Bach BWV 997 ’cause every time I hear it, I smell burning hair.

    And not a single appliance delivery person or installer has actually kept their appointment today. So, I ….spent the entire day waiting and writing.

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