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Reflections on Unasked Questions

This week I spent much time in reflection. I reflected on how good practices in graduate education might be similar to and different from those for undergraduates. I reflected on how facilitating graduate seminars in sociology for students who selected the applied online option might differ from those designed for students in the thesis track. For example, when I reminded myself that I am designing classes for the applied online option, I stopped obsessing about “the literature review” and the idea of giving up the sociology journals that are only available to those with subscriptions became somewhat easier. Going through the VCU Libraries website, searching the databases, and then clicking on that bright yellow button are deeply ingrained behavior patterns, as is clicking on the Inter-Library Loan button when VCU does not have a subscription.



The students in the applied online program will still need ways to answer questions about “what is known or not known” about an issue or topic. There are few open online journals in sociology. Therefore, I will need to identify or create a way of approaching the known about a topic that does not require the traditional literature review.

Open Online Sociology Journals


Contribution of Selected Tools to Good Practice

While reflecting on these issues, I identified several tools that I use or plan to use in the seminars that I facilitate. I believe that having our entire program on the open web communicates high expectations for the instructors and the students. The contributions of all participants will be available for anyone who cares to look to see and to critique. The students will know that this is their “permanent record.”The variety of tools that I have identified demonstrate respect for diverse ways of knowing. Screencasting combined with WordPress meets visual and aural needs along with those for reading and writing. Each of the tools that I selected encourages active learning and student engagement. WordPress, Jing, and Camtasia can also work to increase contact and as ways of providing feedback.


Cognitive Domain Category

Key Word




Categorizing, Tagging, commenting & annotating
WordPress RSS Aggregator
Camtasia, SnagIt
Survey Money
Critical Commenting
Word Press
Jing, Camtasia


I name a category on the cognitive domain of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, a keyword, and a tool because in addition to understanding the contribution that various tools make to good practice , I am also interested in how they relate to specifying learning objectives.



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