Sociology of Nutrition: A Course for the M.S/ in Sociology Applied Option

Participants in this seminar will become a community of learners engaged in a process of critical inquiry into the sociological issues related to nutrition in the US. Participants in this online community of inquiry will construct meaning largely through reflection on course content and confirm meaning largely through discourse. Operationalized through the iterative phases of the Practical Inquiry (PI) model this process will include a focus on both the metacognition and the metacommunication that are essential for deeper learning.


Participants in this seminar will engage the multimodal learning content on nutrition available through the open World Wide Web (web). They will also share their reflections on the content through the open web using blogs. They will engage in discourse with classmates, and potentially the world, using the open website required for each course in the online program for the M.S. in Sociology Applied option (OAP). Participants will also collaborate in self-directed work teams to produce a high quality multi-modal presentation for the open web that they will be proud to have in their developing online professional portfolios.


Earlier, I discussed my attempt to assimilate the Practical Inquiry (PI) model by associating its vertical dimension with the logic of science and its horizontal dimension with the sociological imagination. Each course that I design for this program will pay explicit attention to how the rich content available through the open web can help to move an aware community of learners through the phases of the PI in a highly engaging manner.


Seminar participants live what we study. This learning must transfer. The participants in this seminar are students in a program directed toward the application of sociological concepts and theories as well as the application of sociological methods.  This course will help them to approach important issues related to nutrition from a sociological perspective.


My vision is a diverse community of learners approaching the nutritional issues facing our society using both metacognition and metacommunication to engage with and to produce multimodal learning content combining the logic of science with the sociological imagination on the open web while highly engaged in moving with purpose through the phases of PI in order to achieve deeper learning.



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