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When geography no longer matters, why would a student choose THIS course from THIS university taught by YOU?


I do not know, YET. Starting my participation in the VCU OCDI with an admission of ignorance is slightly disconcerting, but only slightly. Both the question and the course that I am designing are new to me. As I start the course design process, I am delighted with the idea that I can create a course that is as unique as I am. However, the distinctiveness of the course will emerge from the process through which I develop the appropriate pedagogical mindset and the technological literacies required to create a singular learning environment on the open web


The course that I am designing, a graduate seminar in social inequalities, will be a required course in an online Master of Science in Applied Sociology program. Therefore, I think that the first question to which I need an answer is how the program will be distinct from others. In my opinion, which is seldom humble, students benefit when the courses in such a program share some purposively unified themes.


The structure, goals, and themes of the program will provide the constraints within which I can be creative. I am very excited that I will have an opportunity to discuss program and course design with my sociology colleagues over the coming weeks. The first question that I have for them is also about distinctiveness. the distinctiveness of our students.


When geography no longer matters, what students are we trying to attract to THIS program at THIS University?



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